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Easy sound is a .net tool for managing audio stream in the memory. It joins existing wav streams into single one using different method.

You can join streams to play in parallel, subsequently, with time delay and different amplitudes.

See example below

  AudioStream stream1 = new WavAudioStream(fileStream1); //read wav stream from fileStream1
  AudioStream stream2 = new WavAudioStream(fileStream2); //read wav stream from fileStream2
  AudioStream stream3 = new WavAudioStream(fileStream3); //read wav stream from fileStream3

   stream1 = new VolumeAdjustmentAudioStream(stream1, 0.25); //making more silent
   stream2 = new DelayedAudioStream(stream2, 2, 5); //Making delay before playing stream2
   stream2 = new TrimmedAudioStream(stream2, 10, 50); // There is unneeded pause in the start and in the end. Skip it
   AudioStream stream4 = new ParallelCompositeAudioStream(stream1, stream2); // play stream1 and stream2 in parallel 

  AudioStream stream5 = new SerialCompositeAudioStream(stream3, stream4); // play stream3 and stream4 subsequently

  stream5.SaveWav(fileStream5); // Save result to the output stream

You can also use console utility to generate file providing to it xml file.

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